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Escape With Dollycas — Cozy Wednesday with B.B. Haywood and a Giveaway

Dru's Book Musings — A Day In The Life Of Wanda Boyle by B.B. Haywood

Killer Characters - Holliday's Blueberry Acres (by Henry 'Doc' Holliday)

Reviews for Town In A Blueberry Jam:

"...a charming and amusing Pine Tree State cozy..." - Harriet Klausner

"B.B. Haywood has more than a hit debut on their hands, they have a series that is delectable." - The Book Resort

Good Reads

"TOWN IN A BLUEBERRY JAM is a delicious mix of yummy food and a good, small town mystery." - The Romance Readers Connection

"Candy Holliday is an intriguing new sleuth in the lighthearted mystery genre." - Bangor Daily News

Reviews for Town In A Lobster Stew:

"With a little bit of romance in, this one has the recipe for success." - The Romance Readers Connection

"Town in a Lobster Stew is a savory read, which brings the people of coastal Maine to life.
It leaves Candy Holliday fans with a taste for more of her misadventures." - Bangor Daily News

Reviews for Town In A Wild Moose Chase:

"The third book in a well-written series, the appearance of a white moose and the big hints about a conspiracy will keep the reader enthralled. While TOWN IN A WILD MOOSE CHASE was complete, the ending leaves the reader waiting for the next in the series." - Fresh Fiction

Reviews for Town In A Pumpkin Bash:

"Haywood has again created a cliff-hanger that will have readers hanging on while waiting for the next installment." - Times Dispatch

"Town in a Pumpkin Bash is the fourth of B.B. Haywood’s Candy Holliday Mysteries, and it’s her best to date." - The Maine Suspect

Reviews for Town In A Strawberry Swirl:

"Enjoy Maine with less cold and far fewer black flies and a dash of intrigue and danger..." - The Gumshoe Review

"Another great read from B.B. Haywood." - MyShelf

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