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Cape Willington, Maine
July 23rd Edition

The Weekly Grapevine

by Sapphire Vine
Special Correspondent

Blueberries for Everyone!
Are you ready to par-tay? Of course you are! Once again, good citizens, it’s time for Cape Willington’s world-famous Blueberry Festival! As I’m sure you well know, the fabulously fruity festival is an all-day event scheduled for Saturday, July 27, and it’s usually the town’s busiest day of the year. (Tourists are everywhere!) Festivities kick off at 7:30 a.m. at Legion Hall, with other events taking place around Cape throughout the day. The Blueberry Parade begins at 3 p.m., with Olympic Gold Medal winner Jock Larson serving as the Grand Marshall (again!). Most important, the Blueberry Queen Pageant will take place at 6 p.m. at Town Hall. There are many lovely contestants taking part this year, including Yours Truly—moi! Do wish me luck!

Don’t forget to check out the many wonderful booths that will be lined up along Main Street and Ocean Avenue during the festival. There will be plenty of goodies for everyone.
See you there!

Celebrities Abound
Seems like our attractive little town has been a celebrity magnet lately. A few weeks ago we reported sightings of big-time chunky-hunky TV and movie star Patrick Dempsey (he's sooooo McDreamy!) and the lovely missus, who toddled about town with their brood and sampled the wares at a local restaurant. (Patrick was born in Lewiston, you know.) Now a more literary celeb is gracing the starstruck streets of our village—none other than Sebastian J. Quinn, he of the revered poetic tome, The Bell of Chaos. And we’re thrilled to report that the esteemed Mr. Quinn has consented to serve as a judge at this week’s prestigious Blueberry Queen Pageant. Remember, you read it here first!

Little Kimmy Whitebridge is all grown up and planning to marry D. Douglas Douglass III of Cape Willington. Both are graduates of CWHS. Kimmy is currently working in hotel management at the Motel 6 up on Route 1. Douglas is employed at D. D. Douglass & Son Realtors. (I wonder how he got that job?) A September wedding is planned. Happy honeymoon, kids! Do they have heart-shaped beds at the Motel 6?

Once again we have to thank the amazing (and seemingly tireless) Wanda Boyle for her committee work at our local schools. In the last year, Wanda planned the teacher luncheons, the Soccer Extravaganza, and the Music Club Money-Makers Fair; worked on the planning committee for reading evaluation of our gifted children; made costumes for the third-grade play; baked cookies for the Halloween and Valentine’s Day parties; chaired the PTO—and didn’t miss a single meeting. (I think she even cleaned the classrooms a few times.) Wow! Have you seen your own kids lately, Wanda? Ha! Just kidding!

Attention All Gardeners!
Get out your trowels and dig your way to the Cape Garden Club’s First Annual Flower Festival, to be held at the Cove Inn on Sunday, August 2. The theme of this very merry special event will be “Tea in the Garden.” (Make mine Earl Grey, please!) You can call Lily Verte for all the flowery details. We hope this turns out to be a blossoming event for them.

The Theatre
Apparently Lyra Graveton can carry more than buckets of ice cream. She can carry a tune as well! We normally see Lyra at the Ice Cream Shack scooping up gobs of delicious homemade ice cream. (Have you seen those ice cream cones? They’re humongous!) Starting next weekend, you can see (and hear) Lyra belting out tunes in Cape Summer Theatre’s musical version of everyone’s favorite cowboy show, Oklahoma! Tickets are still available at the box office (though they’re sure to go fast with Lyra up there on stage!). The show runs through August 12 at the Pruitt Opera House. See it, and Oh! we guarantee you’ll have a beautiful, beautiful morning!

Tasty Tidbits
Rumors that Town Council Chairwoman Bertha Grayfire will wear her outrageous Dolly Parton costume (a favorite with the kids at Halloween) when she emcees the annual Blueberry Queen Pageant Saturday night are completely FALSE! (We have heard, however, that the costume has fallen into disrepair lately. You should take better care of your assets, Bertha!). . . . My spy tells me that Melody’s Café, that new restaurant up on River Road, is doing a booming business. The lobster rolls are supposed to be absolutely scrumptious! (Don’t tell the tourists, though, or I’ll never be able to get a seat!) My spy’s only request—better desserts, please! . . . Official Judicious F. P. Bosworth sightings for the first two weeks of July—Visible: 9 days—Invisible: 5 days. Sounds like Judicious has been out enjoying this glorious Maine summer weather! Be sure to pass on Judicious sightings to the Grapevine for future publication!

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